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Date: July, 2005


Chicago Welcomes ipIQ and the Aiken-Bubel Foundation

Perspective Real Estate client ipIQ, an Intellectual Property analysis and investment firm, has chosen the landmark art deco building at 1 North LaSalle in Chicago as its corporate headquarters. In addition to serving as corporate headquarters, the new location will house ipIQ's technology center and laboratory.

"As we reviewed our options for expansion beyond our east coast location, we recognized the many opportunities afforded to ipIQ for tapping into the vitality of Chicago's technology corridor and other businesses with a foundation of deep Intellectual Property portfolios. This historic building in the heart of the financial district is the perfect location from which to serve our expanding client base and the broader investment community," said Eric Gillespie, ipIQ Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer.

In addition to assisting ipIQ, Perspective Real Estate recently conducted a search for an organization formed by American Idol's singing star, Clay Aiken.

Aiken's foundation also selected Chicago's well-known LaSalle Street district to serve as their headquarters office for the Aiken-Bubel Foundation.

Maura Goodman from Perspective Real Estate represented ipIQ as well as the Aikin-Bubel Foundation. The firm's web site is: Ms. Goodman can be reached directly at: 312-718-2222.

Photo Credit: Andrew MacPherson

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